Quintessential Drinks

Quintessential Brands is a conglomerate group of independent British spirits and liquor brands.

A prospective merger with a French company risked being undermined by the fact that staff from both organisation seeing through the deal struggled to speak their counterpart’s language.

Having already delivered a series of translations to Quintessential Brands through Today Translations, Today Advisory was requested to provide language and cultural training in English and French to key staff of each party.

The training and its subsequent results were key to supporting the Anglo-French merger.


While not traditionally versed in language training, it ultimately turned out to be the perfect complement to the cultural integrity consultations run by Today Advisory.

Qualified English and French tutors were sourced and both courses were cohesively organised so that each group would receive a similar scope of training. This was important, as the content of the material heavily focused on business culture and deal-making.

Today Advisory’s project management team were also required to organise venues, equipment and refreshments.


Member of both parties were overall very satisfied with the training, submitting positive evaluations in regards to teaching, subject matter and organisation.

Quintessential Brand’s merger also subsequently proved a success.