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Today Advisory Services has an enviable network of highly trustworthy professionals across the globe with expertise in the investigation and prevention of crime, cultural intelligence, linguistics and crisis management. The company has developed a programme of training that is delivered in partnership with the Centre for Investigative Learning.

The programme promotes a culture of not simply doing the right thing but achieving the result that’s right for the client. Using real life case studies and hard earned experience, every programme is tailored to need and delivered through a wide variety of engaging learning methods. The modular format addresses underlying issues that are overlooked by conventional training and provides strategic and tactical solutions that add true value. The programme covers five core areas:

  • Understanding the Threat
  • Techniques for Preventing Corrupt Practices
  • Conducting Effective Due Diligence
  • Preventing and Responding to Fraud
  • Managing a Crisis

With an established network of over 3,000 skilled and trustworthy professional linguists and advisers located in 102 countries, as well as access to state-of-the-art conference equipment, Today Advisory supports and hosts international multilingual events staged across every corner of the Earth.

If we can help you host an event that achieves all your corporate objectives and communicates your message with pin-point precision in any language, without any headaches, please get in touch.

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