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Supplier Integrity

Knowing your customer is about compliance but knowing your supplier is about protecting you. Having a supplier whose security is weaker than your own puts you in real danger. An inexperienced or unethical intermediary that supplies you or your client with information that is inaccurate or is deliberately misleading exposes you to the risk of fraud and corruption. You can mitigate these risks by making Today Translations your sole trusted and independent partner that takes your security seriously. You and your clients’ right to privacy is respected at all times. Whether the nature of your work is sensitive or not, you can be assured that the expert advice and guidance you receive will be in the strictest confidence. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, registered with the Information Commissioner and have sole rights to our ISO-accredited QCS+ project management software. All staff working on secure projects has been vetted and security cleared.

Document Verification and Certification

How can you assure yourself and the regulator that you know your client when you cannot understand their language, their English is weak and the document translations they present have not been independently verified? How can you tell if documents are genuine? Document fraud can be carried out in many different ways and can be difficult to detect. For practical advice on checking international identity documents visit call credit.

The solution is to have documents verified by our team of trusted experts, who work independently of both you and your client or broker. While protecting the content of documents to be verified by us, we will conduct research into their authenticity and carry out an independent translation with double or triple proofreading for additional assurance. When you need to be completely assured that other foreign documents are not counterfeits and translations are faithful representations, you can use our document translations verification service and document certification service.

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