Today Advisory is Proud to Support the 2018 Charity Fraud Awareness Week

Today Advisory is proud to support the 2018 Charity Fraud Awareness Week. This year is a global effort led by the UK Charity Commission and the Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP) charity with organisations across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia participating.

Fraud is a serious threat to every organisation, charities included. With reported fraud increasing at an alarming rate it is vital for charities of all shapes and sizes to protect their income and assets by building strong defences. We greatly value the work that charities do and have particular admiration for those charities that we work within the UK and overseas.

The varied series of events throughout this week are designed to raise awareness of the threat and keep #CharityFraudOut of the sector.

Each day, more specific themes are being covered, including cyber-fraud, grant fraud, due diligence and partnership working, donation and legacy fraud, insider fraud and moving money safely. There is also lots of excellent, practical guidance written by experts in fraud prevention, detection and response available to download free of charge here.

Earlier this year, BBC television’s series Britain’s Secret Charity Cheats told of the dreadful harm that fraudsters have inflicted on some charities in the UK and what Charity Trustees and citizens can do to help prevent criminals stealing from charities. David Clarke, Director of the FAP gave his top tips to identify and fight fraud; you can watch his interview here: